When a Methadone Clinic hires non professionals

The wording ‘non professionals’ in this case, means people who do not deserve whatever license,doctorate,degree etc. that they hold. OR the ability to work with anyone in a medical,clinical,counseling capacity . 

This will be an ongoing post,a serialization that will tell the story of one person’s experience. It will be somewhat sarcastic. But it is all true,and happening at a methadone clinic in Cleveland,Ohio

So what does one do when they find they were wrong?. If they are a normal person they reverse or try to reverse their wrong. When you depend on federal aid or grants or whatever else this place runs on,you try to pressure and provoke the client..read- patient. Yes,that’s the prescribed treatment. Because one simply can’t be wrong when you learn e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. about addiction from a textbook. Not slamming anyone who goes to college but the truth is until you live it you don’t understand it. But really? this isn’t even about that. It’s about pure incompetence. Yes. I said pure INCOMPETENCE.

As in not checking any paper work not sending in the medical release forms that your client fills out. Not liaisoning with the clients doctor(s). No,you just decide you and your super powers of deduction know more than the clients doctor(s),that you know more than the state that issued the I.D. with the name and other info on it. But then comes the day you realize that “if you are wrong about this person you and your facility will look like fools.If you are right you and yours are in big trouble..possibly loose licensing due to medical idiocy in medicating a scammer. So..your final recourse is that you are going to get that client out the door some way or another. 

To be continued….

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